Character Creation

Character Creation:

16 points to allocate to your MUTANTS scores.

12 Points to Allocate to Skills – Max 3 Ranks
Athletics, Boat, Brawl, Criminal, Drive, Heal, Intimidate, Lore, Melee, Notice, Persuade, Pilot, Ride, Scavenge, Shoot, Sleight, Stealth, Survive, Tech, Zoofinity


Heavy Gunner:
+1 Athletics or Survival , +1 Intimidate, +1Shoot
M34 Auto-cannon, Heavy Flamer, or Storm Bolter; 2 special weapon reloads

+1 Heal, +1 Notice, +1 Tech or Zoofinity
diagnostor, injector, medikit

+1 Drive or Pilot, +1 Scavenge, +1 Tech
Auspex, combi-tool, dataslate, lascutter

+1 Brawl or Melee, +1 Intimidate or Persuade, +1 Shoot
Chainsword, coms-bead

Weapon Specialist
+1 Athletics or Survival, +1 Melee, +1 Shoot
4 frag grenades or 2 krak grenades; las-carbine, flamer, or meltagun; 2 special weapon reloads

+1 Intimidate, +1 Lore +1 Persuade
Chainsword, bolt pistol; 2 bolt pistol reloads

Ministorum Priest
+1 Melee, +2 Persuade
Ecclesiarchy robes, Rosarius +10 armor, flamer, chainsword, book of scriputre

Storm Trooper
+1 Notice, +1 Shoot, +1 Stealth
Las-carbine, carapace Armor; 4 las carbine charge packs

Tech-Priest Enginseer
+1 Lore, +2 Tech
Sacred unguents, dataslate, combi-tool, mecha-dendrites +1 die to tech

Character Creation

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